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The Pivot @ Glenbow hosts an annual art-walk event in Calgary in the month of October: The Artoberfest. The name is a play on that other famous global beer fest held in Germany every October – The Oktoberfest.

I had the privilege of attending the inaugural Artoberfest event in 2011, which involved a tour of all the major art galleries in Calgary. This year, in 2013, the artwalk involved a curated tour of Calgary’s East Village and Inglewood historic neighborhoods with none other than the celebrated Canadian photographer – George Webber.

In this blog post, I have decided to compile a short photo essay of our tour through East Village and Inglewood with George. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Note: Inglewood is an inner city area of City of Calgary that was severely affected by the floods in June of 2013, including damages to businesses and homes. During the tour, there was no evidence of such as the community had undertaken massive regeneration efforts by this time. However, hidden scars remain. If you happen to pass through Inglewood, stop by and visit its local businesses to show your support for the healing process.

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Disclaimer: I am a founding member of Pivot @ Glenbow. All comments are my own.

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