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When visiting the beautiful port City of Cannes, home of the famous namesake film festival, you must check out the neighboring country of Monaco. There is no immigration check to enter/exit Monaco and it can be easily reached by train, car and boat from Cannes. For a rush tour, a half-day will give you enough time to view the highlights of this tiny nation.

Below are some of the major highlights you can expect to see when visiting Cannes and Monaco. Although both locations were part of shore excursions on our cruise itinerary, making a direct trip to arrive in Cannes and spend an entire vacation in southern France and Monaco is advisable in order to experience the depth of the culture and architecture. | Travel Adventures | France | The French Riviera (Cannes and Monaco) | Travel Adventures | France | The French Riviera (Cannes and Monaco)

Money Saving Tips

  • Obviously, do not travel just before and during the Cannes Film Festival. Prices quadruple due to influx of journalists, celebrities and tourists in this otherwise quaint little city.
  • Playing at the infamous Monaco Casino is not for everyone. It is a bit different from the style of Las Vegas that most people associate with Casinos – that of a fun touristy atmosphere with constant jingling and sounds of slot machines in the background. European casinos are old school in this regard. It is more James Bond in Casino Royale than Danny Ocean and his crew in Ocean’s Eleven. Of course if you are a serious player but don’t care much for physical locale, there are several online gaming sites available to play 24×7, like the popular gaming site that offers a large selection of casino games for all levels and interests. A benefit of online gaming sites is that, if you are serious player, you get straight in to the games and skip the potential “money waste” upsells you will likely encounter at the Casinos.
  • Remember to always drink and play responsibly.
  • Skip the usual tourist traps and do prior research on travel blogs and travel guides on budget accommodations and dining options. Yes even ultra-luxurious Monaco has several budget options available for vacationers.

Thank you  for taking time to read this post. Blogging is a labor of love. Reader donations in the form of comments or sharing by any of the means below are much appreciated. | Travel Adventures | France | The French Riviera (Cannes and Monaco) | Flight Network | FlightNetwork | Price Drop Protection


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