Girls fighting: The Cholitas Wrestling in El Alto in Bolivia | Budget Adventure Travel

Female Bolivian Wrestlers Cholitos Video.

330 days around the world

After El Atlo Market, we continue our visit our “visit” of El Alto by reaching the “Polyfuncional” and watch the Cholitas wrestling spectacle.

We are sunday afternoon and every sunday, a lot of Bolivianos (and tourists) are queuing in front of the entrance of the Polyfuncional to applaud the Cholitas (the girls from the country) that are dressed with traditionnal costume and wear long bunches.

These spectacles are quite popular and the room is packed.

These women confront each other or face other men, who usually will always lose the “fight”.

Below is a video with music that Jacques&Caro have realized:

What happends during the Cholitas Wrestling?

First, it is a spectale opened to the whole family: Parents, kids and grand-parents.

Secondly, on the ring we have:

– the corrupt referee who supports one of the fighter,

– and two fighters who can be cholitas, one cholitas and one man…

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