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Spark With the Lark


Those familiar with Calgary’s burgeoning Comic Expo from recent years may recall vividly the images plastered across social media and print media of the throngs of fans waiting in snaking lines outside the BMO Centre under balmy summer temperatures.

When the two-day Global Energy Career Expo launched in 2012 at the Telus Convention Centre, the event drew a high turnout that reportedly overwhelmed the organizers and exhibitors. Still, not quite comic expo material.

This year (2013) the career expo saw a turnout that could rival the Comic Expo.

And this was only up to half the line formed that commenced inside the BMO centre and ran all the way outside along the perimeter of the building.

This view was nowhere near the end of the line. If you can imagine the line started behind the wall at the edge where the two inner walls meet, you will…

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