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Spark With the Lark

Some people like to hang with friends after work to catch a game over wings and beer.

Others like to hit the mall with buddies to check out the latest designer duds on sale.

I, for reasons unknown even to me, like to spend a Friday afternoon on a clear balmy day in Calgary (a rarity in winter), pouring Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) on my hands.
(everyone’s got their own kick, ok).

Well, ok not the real Hydrochloric Acid but rather a synthetic acid replacement.

The folks over at Fluid Energy Group in Calgary are the ones that came up with the chemical analysis from which to derive Enviro-Syn HCR – an environmentally safe synthetic acid replacement product line that essentially does a lot of the good things that the real Hydrochloric acid does while excluding its extremely hazardous properties (corrosive properties).

Acid is used in the production of oil…

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