The Bushwakker Brewery of Regina | Budget Adventure Travel

I never title any of my blogs after any brand or company so as not to confuse my readers in to thinking that I am specifically endorsing it. But this is one exception.

Regina does not get its fair share of credit in the media or in social avenues as a tourist hub in Canada. I am still hearing from friends and family several weeks later about my random ‘jaunt’ from Calgary to Regina. In peak Canadian winter. To get a perspective of what they mean, see below.

The Bushwakker of Regina | Canada | Travel Adventures |

This is the road condition I drove under. AND THIS WAS ON A GOOD DAY! To see what a bad day looks like, visit this post.

Ok, fair enough. Regina is not Miami in terms of weather or number of attractions, but where it lacks in quantity, it sure makes up in quality.

Canada has an inverse correlation with size of a City and friendliness of its inhabitants. The smaller it gets, the friendlier it is.

The Bushwakker of Regina | Canada | Travel Adventures |

The House of Bushwakker Brewpub

A quick online search of Regina attractions led me to the site of Bushwakker Brewpub. I am always intrigued by unique locally run businesses. So I decided to stop by here and chat up local guest host and Bar Manager, Grant. What better way to capture the essence of Regina than chatting up a local, eh?

The Bushwakker of Regina | Canada | Travel Adventures |

Bushwakker Brewpub Manager Grant showing us the hops

I love local breweries and brewpubs. I have visited twelve to date and counting. Grant gave us a behind the scenes tour of the brewery. The beer is handcrafted, literally! The hops and barley grains are manually fed in to the grinder. The barrels are stirred by hand using the brew ladle. The bottles are manually sealed and labelled.

The Bushwakker of Regina | Canada | Travel Adventures |

Bushwakker Brewpub Grinder

And if you are on one of these tours with staff, definitely ask about the infamous Bushwakker ghost. Here is Grant describing an encounter.

The Bushwakker of Regina | Canada | Travel Adventures |

The Red Door to the Dungeon! Be Warned!

Will come back to rest of the Bushwakker story in a bit. But let’s check out some other major must see attractions while you are in town.

The RCMP Heritage Centre

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP is Canada’s federal policing agency. They are to Canada what the FBI is to USA. I had not idea until arrival that all RCMP recruits are trained and housed on campus in Regina. And the museum is worth a visit with kids to learn about the history and growth of the RCMP.

The Government House, Saskatchewan

Every Province of Canada has a  Lieutenant Governor General’s residence (Government House). Regina, the Provincial capital city, happens to have the only Government House where the Lt. Governor General does not live in the house (only used as a working office). So one can tour the premises of this Government House to a great depth than any other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are more attractions to see indeed, but I was there for a short time and could only cover a few spots. A good part was spent in the brewpub, if may say so. Right, so back to the pub story.

The Bushwakker of Regina | Canada | Travel Adventures |

Inside Bushwakker Brewpub, Regina

The Bushwakker of Regina | Canada | Travel Adventures |

Sumptuous lunch serving at Bushwakker Brewpub, Regina

Grant mentioned how the owners of the brewpub instilled the core values of human dignity to all staff. The staff is encouraged to wear their own clothes and bring their unique style to work while maintaining a relaxed non-titillating atmosphere. Now that’s a wowzer. None of that “dress for tips” crap that has become the norm at almost every restaurant everywhere. Bring yourself, bring your story and enjoy the food.

I was wrong. In my opening lines. I did not make an exception this time to endorse a brand or company. This is neither. This is heritage. This is Regina. And this is a story on Prairie love.

Thank you  for taking time to read this post. All comments are my own. Blogging is a labor of love. Reader donations in the form of comments or sharing on other social media channels below are much appreciated.

8 thoughts on “The Bushwakker Brewery of Regina | Budget Adventure Travel

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  2. Bushwakkers beer is the best in Canada. I still drop by every time I return home even though I now live 3700km away. I wish Ontario would have something …. anything this good..

  3. Enjoyed your Bushwakker blog. However, I really had trouble listening through the ‘noise’ for Grant’s story of the ghost…any way to clean up the audio?

    • hi len
      glad you liked the video. actually the voice sounds clear on my end. sometimes it depends on the computer speakers and volume setting on listener end. however, what I can do is insert captions in the video. thanks for informing me.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your traipse through Regina. You managed to make it appear warm and inviting despite the heavy blanket of snow!

    • Do you think Id qualify for the salesman of the year? If I can sell Regina during peak winter season to snowbirds, then I believe I should be in the running at least 🙂

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