sparkwiththelark – A Tour of the Alberta Oilsands with CAPP (Day 2 of 2)

Spark With the Lark

In my earlier post I talked about my tour of a SAGD operation with CAPP.

On the second day of the tour with CAPP, we paid a visit to one of the oldest and largest oil mining operations of Canada operated by Syncrude Canada Ltd.

The open-pit mining has been the traditional form of oil sands mining of Alberta. It involves extracting the actual ‘sands’ containing the Bitumen by massive excavators and transporting it through conveyers to the processing plant.

No, the sand is not White in Canada. It is not THAT cold up here! It’s just covered in snow.

And the excavation trucks are called Heavy Haulers. These are giants. Just take a look at the wheels. Though I’d imagine these are standard fits any given day at Monster Truck Madness shows.


Since it was something like -40 degrees Celsius (also same in Fahrenheit) on this day…

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