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Calgary Arts Happenings.

Last night drinks where flowing, and fashion pulled out all the stops for a stylish pre-event for the up coming Schmancy; an amazing night of arts and culture brought to us by Glenbow.

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (7)

Last year with no pre party to help me find my inner Schmancy, I had to weed through my closet looking for an outfit that would fit the theme.

But what is Schmancy?

To me, it’s finding that outfit that you love!

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (5)

Leather tasles, leopard silk tops, or a half of a broom handle in your hair; if you feel like a million bucks, then you’re Schmancy!

The evening included an amazing fashion show with some of my favourite models strutting amazingly styled outfits sponsored by Holt Renfrew.

Model for Schmancy KIM

The stylists did an amazing job, keeping things light and playful.

The mix of patterns, fabrics and styles show that us that anything goes when…

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