When in Rome do as I do! | Budget Adventure Travel

Yes, seriously! I mean it.

Especially if you are a first time tourist in this city and have limited time on hand to explore the colossal and historic magnificence of Rome and Vatican City. I will admit, I have never been as enchanted by any city I have been to so far as much as I have with Rome. Indeed it deserves several visits or even better a short stay if life permits.

Let me show you through the following pictures the main highlights of the city along with comments below each highlighting money and time saving tips.

click on any image below to view large size slideshow and my tips & commentary

Because I was in Rome only for 9 hours as part of port of call of cruise ship, it was a rush job getting through so much. The port town of Civitavecchia is located 1.5 hours away from Rome so that gives you only about 6 hours of time for tours after taking off commute time. I would not recommend doing a rush tour of Rome by yourself. I used the service of privatetourinitaly.com for all three port of call shore excursions in Italy during the cruise. I highly recommend their service.

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5 thoughts on “When in Rome do as I do! | Budget Adventure Travel

  1. I loved all three cities – Rome, Florence, and Venice. Prior to visiting Venice, Florence was my favourite, for the reason that Barbara mentioned — it’s walkable. I actually did Rome on my own when I called there for a cruise. I mapped out exactly what I was going to see and we covered a lot of the city, in fact. Next time though, I would pick just maybe three things I want to see. That’s what I did in Florence and found that much more enjoyable, because regardless of how many hours you have at the port of call, each city deserves at least three days.

  2. Thanks, Larky. I agree Rome is a city to be savoured though I must confess that Florence is my favourite because you can walk through it. Venice is very beautiful particularly if you take a walking tour or a day trip to one of the islands like Murano or Burano. Milan is kind of interesting but best to go during the fashion season.


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