Occassionaly I feature guest bloggers on my blog who are experts in one of the areas of focus of my blog. I have known Barbara personally for several years as a career coach and she has extensive insight on various career counseling aspects. Here is a recent piece by her on expatriate lives. Enjoy. And do check out Barbara’s blog for more career insights.


! am writing this as I overlook a canopy of changing leaves punctuated by office buildings rising out of the colourfest that is autumn in Toronto.


Many people moving here from other places usually do so in the summer to make sure their children are ready for school. This year they have been fooled into thinking that  our very long, hot summer is an indicator of mild temperatures continuing and  that this cold weather is a fluke. Listen up. This is the fall season in Toronto; crisp and cool, with an attitude that says “Look at me. I am going to give you a real show so get out there, dress warmly and enjoy the extravaganza while it lasts!”

I have only lived in a city in another country twice.  I lived in Los Angeles for a month and then lived in London, England for about a decade. It was…

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2 thoughts on “EXPATRIATE LIVES

  1. Thanks, Larky! Your re-blog of my blog is much appreciated and I certainly hope that people benefit from it. The bird by the way, in the office building photo is NOT a pigeon. I did a blow up of it and I think it was a turkey vulture who got lost. Definitely out of place in this city!

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